Wannabe Housewife

As I am attempting to make tomato paste in the crockpot and noticing the apartment is a total cluster f***, I had to just laugh.

I am a horrible homemaker/housewife and I’ll never claim to be a good one.

I have almost no patience any more.

I can’t seem to find the energy to clean–ever.

2/3’s of the laundry gets washed at least twice because I can’t remember to shuffle them.

I put the dishwasher soap in, but lately I forget to actually start it (done this a few times with the dryer).

I am lucky if I remember to have the boys do their homework and brush their teeth every night.

And I sport winter legs about 95% of the year–the exceptions are usually holidays.

By the end of the day, I usually just want Netflix, takeout, a cigarette, and bed.  But, I am lucky enough to have people to snuggle up with on the couch. 

But thanks to four super awesome men who have decided to put up with me (3 little boys and 1 gentleman, before you go thinking brother husband’s–blech), I make it through each day and into a new one feeling like I have accomplished a little bit–even if it’s all thanks to them. 

I am the “wannabe housewife” zombie.   100% exhausted all the time and probably failing all over the place, but I’ll try to do at least one awesome thing a day–promise you that (even if it is just laugh-crying at how horribly wrong something went).