Next Step

Once upon a time, I was told that when you got hiccups, someone was thinking about me… Who is it? I am gonna throw a snowball at you. 😀

Well, my next step, I am not sure. I am debating between a number of things. But, these hiccups are driving me crazy and making me really warm. It’s making it really hard to try and think and focus so I can get everything out and be able to go to bed when it’s time.

First off, there’s debating if I wanna move. I almost don’t feel like I fit in here all together. But, we’ll see, because at the same time, I thought I was finally getting my life together. A place to life. A place to work. A place for Landon’s daycare. A number of things that just seemed to be working out all so well. But, then, of course, because something seems to always have to go wrong when things are going great. Well, it did. Almost seemed like a number of things that went wrong, but no biggie. Just gotta keep my head up.

Second, stopping smoking. I tried to earlier. But, this time, this time I am gonna. I don’t care if people think I can’t. Or anything. I am gonna. So, ha! 🙂 I will succeed.

Hey, the hiccups went away and so did all my thoughts. Ha, ha, ha.

One came back, friends… Friends come and go, but the true ones stay forever. I really wanna make some more friends too. I miss having lots and lots of friends. I use to, but now, I feel like there’s a small chance that I might have a few. I know I probably have more than I think. But, I really want the old apartment to get rented out already, me to be able to get a loan for a car, a new apartment, and be able to have friends come over and hang out and what not. But, I guess I just have to wait and see. Right?

Oh well, just gotta take things slow. And wait and see what happens. Now to hopefully, get ready for bed. And then work tomorrow. Dinner was pretty good. Might get some cheesecake or pie and ice cream. Oh, I have Oreo’s and milk too! 😀 Anyone want to join me?

hiccups<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

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