Speech and Debating…

Debating several things in life right now….

Moving. I have to find a new apartment, so why not move. Ya know? But, where? I need to moved, so why not apply for another job somewhere else… Ya know? I don’t know, I honestly don’t. I figure I just gotta keep on my toes. Do what I can do keep my life going the way I want it to be. And we’ll see how it goes. Right?

Where to live, where to work… If I wanna move, then I need to find somewhere to move. Some how to save money, etc. It’s a big process. I don’t think I can afford to move, especially right now. So, we’ll just make a list of things to do before I can move. If you want me to be able to move, then you can’t help me complete the list. 😀 If you don’t, then just help me make other memories. 😀

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