Coffin Nail.

It’ll be interesting to see how much I save when I can finally get off and stay off cigarettes. For now, I am out. And feeling it hit me. Stress levels soar. Thing not getting done seem to rise higher in numbers. Children not listening seems to happen more. Anger seems to be bigger. Pretty much when you start, you might think you’re creating an escape for now, but if you ever get to the point where you think you should or you have to quit, you’ve just caused yourself more problems… Well, here’s my ranting because I am quitting. It’s not gonna be easy. And I may end up having to slowly get myself off again if things arise. But, for now, I am out. And I am going to have to come up with other things to do when I would normally smoke. Not sure what yet, so if ya’ll have hobbies, let me in on em so I can see what all is gonna get me off. Well, need to get started on my to do list instead of sitting here and bitching about not having any cigarettes, cause it’s not gonna change anything.

(picture has to be removed–due to WordPress standards.)

Ha, the fact that those ingredients are in them doesn’t seem to affect you when you’re smoking. I did a report on them when I went to Bridge and thought it was disgusting… And now look at me. But, we all have our addictions and we just have to work on our personal ones… So, here it goes. Day 2 without a cigarette.

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