An older bit ’bout me.

An older 30 things…

30) i am obsessed with boys

29) i am a people pleaser

28) i do have feelings

27) i am a pushover, but only until a certain point

26) all of my cars have been damaged so far

25) i have nights when i can’t sleep

24) i feel like i complain and am depressed more than happy

23) i always feel like i am faking when i really don’t mean to

22) i shave my head when i feel like i am going crazy

21) i want to be covered head to toe in tattoos that people have drawn for me

20) i think that (not being racist) black guys have the sexiest voices on the phones

19) i tend to trust people too easily & often go back to get hurt again

18) i fall fast and hard

17) i am too scared to be mean to people usually

16) i always wonder what would have happened… what if?

15) sleepless nights seem to be out numbering my sleeping nights

14) my feet seem to fall asleep alot

13) i get lonely a lot

12) i don’t like to sleep alone

11) some days i worry that i am gonna lose Landon

10) give me a good back massage and i’ll beg you for another one

9) i wish i could run

8) i need to quit smoking

7) i will do anything to protect my son

6) i am not as innocent as you might think (if you do)

5) i don’t care about color

4) i like to stay up all night talking

3) i work at teletech and have started using the mute button a lot

2) i think it’s stupid that you have to pay to use dating sites and yet, i have before. lol

1) i am sure there’s lots more to know about me, but i am not sure what else at this moment.


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