Clouded head

Oh little brain, how you hurt me so…  😥

Why do I have to doubt everything. To wonder about messing everything up. Why must I throw myself into this and then feeling like I am doing everything oh so wrong?

I feel like I am going head first into everything. Maybe I’ve already fallen, but I think I need to pull myself back… Have you ever giving on relationships and then next thing you know, someone comes along and tells you that they like you, and you get carried away?And then you start second guessing yourself… And telling yourself that you are doing everything wrong. That you have ruined it or you are going to. And you start psyching yourself out. Wondering if you have ruined it or what.

I am scared to give up smoking. I already gave up one addiction for another and now if I give this up… What is gonna happen? I’ve given up so many… What will come next if I give this one up? Will it be worse?

Oh little brain… I HATE HATE HATE you sometimes. 😥

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