Sweet, Sweet Life

Oh sweet hope, how I love you! Life is glamorous!

I know I tend to blog when things are so hard and painful, but this, this my friends, is a happy blog!

I love my son. And I am going to do what I need to, to be a good parent. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! And will continue to be so. And life, life is just on an upward hill.

Even though Landon’s dad wants to see him, and I really wanna say no, I know for a fact, that it’s not what I want. But, what Landon needs. And even if it means that I am scared shitless, that’s what needs to be done. and I will do it.

And you know, I have been beyond blessed with friends. I am spoiled. I have friends who have my back, no matter how long or short I have known them, I have so many people who love me and have always been there. And some who randomly pop up and stand up for me, or just stand behind me when I need them. So, friends, thank you! You’re amazing!

And I am going to give up my smoking too. I have the patches, just have to get them from the other house. šŸ˜› And I am gonna be good to go. YAY!

Any other questions about my amazing life right now? šŸ™‚ I’m ALIVE!!

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