Valentine’s Day <3

Who would have thought that 2011 could start off so great?! And be this amazing already! It’s Valentine’s Day and I have a the most amazing, first ever for me, Valentine. 😀 It’s crazy!

Quote of the day:

“I think you just blew up my nose…”

Lol, you have to be here and hear it, to understand it, or just say it in your head. Lol! Well, I worked today from 8 AM-4:30 PM. Got off work, Ryan got to go see his son! 😀 YAY! I am glad. That guy is amazing, he cares about his son so much, I hope that he will get to spend more time with him!

But, while Ryan did that, I got to use his electric shaver to shave my legs, so they are a bit, key word, bit better now, not totally, but a bit.  😀 Thanks baby!!! I made dinner, which is still NOT finished, so I should hurry up and go finish that. Got some plans for my Valentine tonight!! And then some more later this week. Woo hoo!! 😀 Well, time to finish dinner, pick out a good movie, and enjoy my time with my baby.

But, we do have internet now, so I can pick the blogging back up and start getting a bit more of a routine down, ha ha!! Me with a routine, just kidding!!


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