Wake Up, Wake Up…

Pretty much what I’ve been telling myself since about 2 PM. I can stop telling myself that here pretty soon, well, some time within the next 5 hours. 😀

Looked in a nursing program today, but it’s campus classes, and it takes 2 years, so I don’t think I will be doing it. But, I also talked to an adviser at another school, where I can do it all online, so I have an appointment with him tomorrow to get started on the paperwork so I can get started on classes ASAP! Just gotta get 2009 tax info from mom and get over to her house to print of my transcript, fax that and some other papers to other places. AH! So much work!!

Things are kinda crazy here. Worked so much overtime last 2 weeks, that my paycheck was about 1,000, but I only saw about 600 of it and with all the bills, it’s pretty much gone now. AH!! Got a little more of the house to clean, but I need some down time today, after all, it’s one of my few days off.

Think we found a church today, which was my one main goal today, Ryan had to come up with a theme, so we’ll see what he comes up with. He talked about fortune cookies that have misfortunes in them, good idea for April Fools Day, no? 😉

Well, I got about 24 minutes before he gets off work, but about a totally of 40-50 minutes before he gets home, unless he goes and runs a couple errands. Question is, do I wanna clean up or go lay down, cause I am freaking exhausted!!

Get to go to church with mom on Sunday!! Super excited, it’s been forever!! First Sunday off, and in church, in a LONG time… Burr!! I forgot to turn the heat back up, cause I turned it down when I was cleaning earlier and started sweating. But, I should really get to work, nice little moment or two to blog, but I’ll get more time here pretty soon. But, for now, I need to get to work on some stuff. Time is going to be sneaking up on me, in more than one way, before I know it.

Hope you all have a good night. Write more again soon…

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