Forgive ‘N’ Forget

Right. You know it’s so much easier to say it than to actually do it! Especially when someone hits you in 1) an area that is already getting judged 2) none of their business 3) now I can’t even keep my thoughts straight…

All I know, is that this person… What they did, always seems to make me sick. Say, you never liked such a person to begin with… But, they have the “world” behind them because they grew up in a “tougher” environment than you did, well my friends… I can’t seem to forgive and forget. Usually I can, but God… You gotta help me this time! This isn’t working out. And all I really wanna do is fight this person off. But, with this pregnancy in the way, ha, I can’t… And I am not a violent person.

ARGH! This person… I am sorry that I am holding things against you, it uses energy, and it’s not worth it! I know I gotta let this go… Sigh.

Just got to let it go…

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