My Garden Story.

Well, after being at mom’s house, she brought me home and discovered that I had tulips growing in the back flower bed. 😀 So, I decided that while Landon slept, I would weed the flowerbed, with a, YES!! A fork. 🙂

While weeding, I discovered a HUGE worm!! Made me jump so bad! It was seriously as fat as my pinkie finger!!! It looked like a snake after first! I almost peed.

Then, while weeding, I hit a big dandelion group. We all know how they have HUGE roots!!! Well…

He he. So, mom sent me home with a weeding stick. 🙂 YAY!!! 😀

After that, I had almost reached my tulip, so I ended the weeding with…

2 bags of WEEDS!! (not weed. :P)

And a gorgeous!!!…

Of course the bud isn’t mine bud, cause gmail has decided to start acting up, but you get the point. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the craziness and my garden story. 😛

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