Up and down down down.

Well, Ryan’s off to work. It could even up being a 10 1/2 hour day of work for him. Sigh. Over time… But, it’s better than him working from 8 AM-7:30 or later. Just sucks that I can’t see my husband very much.

But, it’s time to get on with life. I have a little boy who wants to play. So, I need to finish feeding him breakfast.

Fingers crossed that my school papers show up at University of Phoenix soon, so I can get started with classes.

Also, that I can find some people who’s kids need to be watched. Cause all I am getting from craigslist is spam. GR!!! Sigh.

Really hoping that God could just help us out a little bit. I got an idea to do. Now could just use a little help getting started…

But, time to get to work. Hyper little boy who looks like he might hurt himself again. Better run.

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