That would be the sound Landon was making. Sitting with my big little man watching Bones while daddy raids and Ander watches the computer contently so, mommy can have some down time.

Landon now has his head laying on me and I am thinking of some sweet sleep. 🙂

Today was not all that uneventful yet, I didn’t get actually get all that much done. Didn’t do grocery shopping because I was too tired from last night. Had a hard time giving my full opinion and ended up in a small spat with Ryan which we quickly got over. Don’t wanna start the new year off that way. Spilled hot dog (hot puppies, as we got Landon to call them) juice all over the floor. 😦 But, Ryan has tomorrow off so, we are going to take Ander and Landon to the park, might get to try some geocaching too. Then, I need to grocery shop, do laundry, dishes–school starts up for me tomorrow, need to call in for some information or stop by for work, get ahold of our landlord, mail or run the rent check by, do a bit of pampering myself, probably pack up the Christmas decorations, sort through more boxes of stuff, make a budget with Ryan, spend lots of time with my boys, and try to keep myself and all my amazing family sane. And email my family– we’re awesome and do a daily email! I love it!!!

Well, need to get Landon ready for bed. See if Ander will fall asleep soon. Maybe a hot bath with the salts mom gave me for Christmas or a HOT, HOT shower!!! :)))

Sweet dreams all! :)) And a happy, happy New Years!!

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