Well, here’s a real kicker, when you start a blog so you can be anonymous and keep things so you can talk about anything you want, the kicker comes when you steal the idea from a family member and tell the world you are and then realize that if you write certain things, who knows how people will react.

You see, my family and I happen to be very close so, we all like to know what’s going on with each other. My husband, who is very supportive, helped me come up with the title (think it has to do with my New Year Resolution where I write three things I am thankful for every day so, he feels like I blog all the time) asked me this evening, after helping me come up with the title, if he got to read it. But, the funny part came when he said I could vent about him here and he wouldn’t say anything. Such a sweet guy! If I wasn’t trying to keep this anonymous and just see how it goes, I’d say you all have to meet him! But, he is also all mine and I don’t wanna share.

Well, going to see how this goes. Unfortunately, I will probably watch what I end up posting for a while. No crazy secrets that my husband and I are keeping to ourselves will go up here until I get better and being anonymous and know that I can post things on here and not hear it from all sides. In other words, I suppose I am testing the waters after watching drama unfold Mommy groups on Facebook, from people who we all think would be able to behave civilized wouldn’t have to fight like crazy about silly things. Hoping that while writing this, I can possibly met people like myself. A young mother, recently married, with little munchkins running around.

Can’t believe that our one year anniversary is coming up next month. Well, enough about that. Time to snuggle up with my supportive man, who made dinner tonight so I could feed our youngest, and enjoy the night with him as he goes to work tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers that I can get the house super clean tomorrow as we also have the cable/Internet guy coming tomorrow to switch things out. Wish me luck please!! I am a terrible housewife with getting cleaning done and watching two boys and trying to communicate with my husband all day while he is at work. Well, there I go rambling again… Sigh. I think he is right, I am a bit of a blogger. Well, this time off to bed and a potty stop before. Fingers crossed.

Night and Morning to few!

Well see how this goes…

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