I am a thief

Well, the title may scare you but, it shouldn’t. You see, one of my very intelligent and crazy fun older sisters has an anonymous blog and I think it’s awesome! So, I have been debating about almost swapping the idea and blogging about different stuff than she does. She blogs about amazing things like quotes that speak to her and are amazingly reviling but, as Ryan suggested, I think I want to do something along the lines of cooking, being a mom, my other passions, etc. but, have it be anonymous so I don’t have to let everyone know who I am and see what kind of responses I get. Well, Ryan is off to run to the store and grab a couple things and a drink for me. 🙂 Then, we will come up with a catchy name/title and see how this blogging goes. 🙂 Here goes nothing. 🙂 gonna be interesting to get people’s opinions in different things.

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