Well, I tried this anonymous blogging again. But, I felt like the one was personal and something I would normally write about and something that I would be okay with sharing if the first place. So, here goes another shot.

Haven’t shared the blog with anyone other than my husband so, going to try the blog about anything approach and see how it goes. If my family finds it, then they can read it but, I am not going to share who I am. But, we’ll see if they find it and can guess later.

But, on to what’s really going on. We had a baby about 6 weeks ago. I am not on any birth control. We are not exactly trying but, we want to have more. Decided we wanted to know if I was or not. So, I took a pregnancy test last night, came out negative. Is it terrible if we were disappointed even though we just had a baby a couple months ago? We’re enjoying him so much and our other ones too. But, is it bad that we want more so soon?

Write more later. But, older one is throwing a fit and I need to clean house like a good mommy and wife. But, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

And if there’s topics that y’all would love to see blogged about, please share them.

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