Before you go all “ape-pooh” on me–this is a joke and a way of coping.

See, my sister is getting married. None of us really know her fiancé and because they have so many kids, we weren’t invited, the siblings weren’t. My mom was however, because of her fiancés’ ex, they moved the wedding date to the day my mom has previous commitments, so now she can’t go. Because of all the–I am not sure what you want to call it, but my family was all hurt and slightly frustrated. I think the part that makes me more argh!! Is that my mom’s feelings got hurt and that she is now feeling less important than some silly number–my sister was set on having it on a certain day during the month–so now my mom feels like she is less important. And I hate it!! So when I was very frustrated, I told my husband I wanted to make a list of ways to sabotage weddings. Nothing we would actually do but, more as a joke and to give my family a good laugh. Been doing some research. Some ways are ridiculous and plain not!!!! funny. Other things that popped up in my search such as “ways to sabotage your marriage and get divorced” or “I wanted to sabotage my daughter’s wedding” and other things along those lines really upset me. So, here are things to make you laugh and movies to watch that have to do with the same thing. 🙂 All in fun! I know it’s terrible but, I needed to make my family laugh and get the hurt out.

Ways to have some–…

If the wedding is outside, turn the sprinklers on. Lol.

Exlax brownies!!

Movies to watch…

Stay tuned for updates…

4 thoughts on “Sabotage!

  1. One day your sister will look back and regret not having her family there for her special day, and the silly number will make her feel very small indeed. Until then, might I suggest Exlax brownies at the rehearsal dinner?

    1. Ha ha ha! Love it!! Had to send that my family! That’s awesome. I would probably think about it, if we were even going to that. 🙂

      1. How ’bout borrowing an idea from Anthrax… I mean you don’t wanna be that drastic, but I’m thinking you could include a live flu virus in a Hallmark? A little Congratulations hope you don’t end up with 103 degree fever on the big day!

      2. Ha ha! Love the creativity! It was original planned for summer, in a backyard–I figured I could sneak down and turn on the sprinklers. 🙂

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