Snowflake Satisfaction!


After I made my last post laying on our bed, ready to turn in for the night after saying that an hour ago on Facebook–I realized that I am doing it again! By wanting to please people by talking about certain things I am going back to being a people pleaser. And that, I don’t want to be again! I spent so many years of my life being a people pleaser–I almost lost myself.

I dated the wrong people, drank, tried pot, slept with guys and got hurt, got pregnant and started to get my life under control. But, fell back into the swing of things where I tried to please people ago after moving out on my own and in with my best friend, my roommate, for the first time. It turned into a disaster–that’s when the Sri king became more often, the sex became with whoever and not for the someone I loved and was going to marry, the drugs came to help when we didn’t have booze or because I was so dissatisfied with myself…

Me trying to blog to please other is going right back to that. And no way, am I going back there again! The best things have happened for me when I decided to stop pleasing people. I turned my life around for my son, I met my husband–just for a couple examples. I know if I do this the way I want to, I will be blessed with readers if I am meant to be. Otherwise, it’ll be for me to go crazy and waste some time and energy on when my husband does his thing or is at work and for him to know what is going on. Or for that occasionally reader who stumbles across it. Well, I am ok with that.

The picture above is of our bedroom sheets–snowflakes. It reminded me that no two are the same. Hit home! Basically, my little wake up call when I went to lay my head down after writing that last post. πŸ™‚ fun how life works sometimes. πŸ˜‰

Well, good night for real this time. Sweet dreams to all! Tomorrow is a new day and I plan to make the best of it!!

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