Reached almost the end of the day. I am worn out. Cleaned house a bit so, it was cleaning enough for the cable guy to come and upgrade our stuff. One load of laundry done, still have one in the dryer and one in the washer that I need to finish but, they may wait for tomorrow. Didn’t do any dishes–ended up having to take our second oldest to the doctor’s office and he got a other cream from them. Really hoping this helps him out! The youngest gets a refill on his cream hopefully tomorrow. Can’t believe all this crazy drama… Doctor forgot to tell us to rinse off
his first cream so he had a reaction to it. The youngest–he has a yeast infection, got a refill and managed to misplace it somewhere in the house. Starting to feel overwhelmed and a bit like a pooh mother. But, very determined to do what I can to make this week better.

Upside–no fighting with my husband. 🙂 He is now raiding so after our youngest falls asleep, I believe it’s bed time or time to clean. Care to vote? 🙂

Saw one of our bosses tonight though, his dad had died… Felt so bad!

But, on to the other topics–talked to some people in my mommies Facebook group for some ideas about things to blog about. And I’ve had several suggestions from ladies in my group, my husband, my sister, and I am sure you have an idea too. But, here are some I was given.

1) Talking about an addiction or something I have overcome but, still struggle with every day.
2) Movies, shows, books I read,
3) Anything that is on my mind at the moment.

But, I am wondering if I want this to be different. I can write about any of that in my personal life but, maybe that’s just it–write about my life but, those things I can’t write about because there’s just that certain person out there reading that if they read it on my personal blog, they’d freak. So, here’s one topic I can’t post about on my personal blog. My husband works for this company who has lots of employees and well… My–I don’t know what you want to call him but, this other guy I know, his wife is an acquaintance, and she just got a job there with my husband. Sure, she’ll have orientation for a while but, she has been having issues with her own husband and left him recently but, went back however, she is always talking about how she’s not happy but, she should be now that she’s back–any ways, I am just paranoid she might try to ruin my happiness. I don’t know what she would do but, when my husband and I got married she gave me a lot of grief for it–she also went off on my on my birthday last year and well, I just feel like I’d loss it if she even tried anything. Not saying she will–and don’t think I don’t trust my husband, because I do. I just don’t trust another people. My husband and I have no secrets and we entered into our marriage and continue through it every day knowing that divorce is not an option. I just don’t think that other people realize that and so I am worried that someone might try something and I won’t know how to react to it. Am I being ridiculous?

Also, anyone out there married to a gamer? –besides me.

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