Gaming vs. Kids


Well–The title basically speaks for itself–sigh. My husband was into WOW. However, the first 3 months we were together, he never gamed. We dated for about 5 weeks before we got married–quick I know but, we very much love each other.

After some fighting over this topic–we came to a general agreement. However, it is now starting to feel a bit depressing. We came to an agreement that he wouldn’t only play when the children are sleeping–in bed. And he does great. However, sometimes it frustrates me so much that I can’t tell which is more important to him. I
Often feel like the game is–hence the comment he made a couple days ago–I asked him if he wanted to go check on one of our boys, who had been napping because I thought he had woken up. My husband says–yes and no, because he knew if our son was awake, he would have to stop playing his new addiction–Star Wars. Sometimes, if I look at how much time we spend together vs. how much he games–I feel like gaming outweighs our “our” time. I also wonder if the only time I can really get him off the game is when I “appeal” to his “manhood”. I know that’s terrible to say. I also known it’s not totally true because he did make dinner tonight. I just–I think we all just question sometimes.

I don’t intend to offend anyone. Just sleep deprivation of a mother, an employee of a company who has put work on hold and needing another at home job, and praying I don’t have post partaum depression. Hoping to start vitamin D and exercising this week. Should help a bit. Also thinking a HOT bath tonight and a good leg shaving, nail painting, pampering myself night is in order to help this all improve!

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