Oh To Be A Little Kid Again


Ugh–I hate the days I gets texts from people saying, “I am so *bleep*ing pissed right now”. And guess what–I just got one. The hardest part is it was from my husband–and I can’t do anything to help. And with everything that’s going on now–so stressed! My hands are back to shaking. I feel so sick to my stomach. Wondering how we are going to be able to pay all our bills this month. Really want to smoke but, I am quitting this year–and I gave all of them to a friend so I would quit easier. Frustrated because work isn’t available until–maybe–Monday. Don’t have our w-2s yet. House is a wreck but, I feel so physically exhausted and trying to just breathe and calm down as one I my kiddos is pushing his limits with mommy. And all that seems to be in my head is crying, doing something stupid, cursing at the sky, hitting a wall, or some stupid way to get out my frustration–instead, I believe that I will do what I am trying to teach–take your frustrations, all your feelings, out in an artistic way. Sigh. But, crying is healthy too. Just hard with little ones who need attention.

Please just send good vibes, a little prayer, happy thoughts our way.

Thank you!

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