Fell Behind–

Well, this weekend has been crazy and had so many ups and downs–I didn’t get all of my journals posted–

1) Being able to do nothing but watch tv.
2) Ryan made dinner again.
3) Ryan and I agreed on a certain sore subject between me and other person–he reassured me that my feelings were fine.

1) I got to sleep in the little bit I did.
2) My mom and I were able to brighten up a friend’s day by taking them flowers and a balloon on their birthday when they worked.
3) Took Landon to the library for the first time!!

1) Green Bay lost–which made Ryan happy, after he had a long day.
2) Ryan did more laundry–so, it’s almost all done!
3) Went to small group and then got my cream puffs afterwards.

1) Ryan spent some time with me this morning before gaming.
2) He got Ander to go to sleep while I made lunch.
3) He has almost all the laundry done.

BONUS: We get to file taxes soon and get out of this place.

Start new classes today–should finish both my other ones with at least one A and one B. :))

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