Tumbling Tonight.


So far my evening has consisted of small group, getting frustrated on the way home, eating almost 30 cream puffs, drinking mountain dew, watching television, getting mad at the people my husband plays WOW with, trying to help my best friend with her relationship issues–fighting to not want cigarettes, beer, etc. Reading post secret and realizing that because this is anonymous–I can let things out. Or I’ll start sending in my secrets or start another one that has nothing but secrets. I don’t want to have to hide things. If nothing else–I’ll fill a book and then let my husband read it later. 🙂

Well, I can’t say I have a specific topic–in fact, I am starting to fall asleep again. Second time I have put our youngest to sleep, in the last hour. I have no energy left. He wakes up again–I almost don’t care if daddy gets mad at me–it’s gonna have to be his turn. I am exhausted!! Every time he has cried, I feel like I have had to be the one who makes him stop crying. He tried once–but, sigh–he just gives up do easily and get so frustrated. Ugh–sleep soon! Think it’s time to put the boys to bed and for mommy to join soon.

But, opinions please–blog of secrets or just make a book?

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