Such a touchy topic–

Some of us think it’s so easy! But, it’s really not–marriage is work, devotion, love, patience, passion, etc.

One doctor who focuses on marriage says that he recommends at least 15 hours of undivided attention a week. He stated that–it’s Marriage Builders radio by the way–you could spend all but, 15 hours apart every week, where you give your spouse your undivided attention, and you could have the most passionate relationship. But, it has to be agreed upon. And those 15 hours have to be spent undivided attention, where you are meeting your spouses emotional and intimate needs–when done so, they say usually see that these people have the most romantic/intimate relationship. Maybe I’ll see if my husband will try this out for a week and see how it goes. No tv–but, activities where we actually talk and interact with each other.
🙂 maybe we can give it a try–

I also started another challenge. Today it was to write my husband a letter telling him some different things.

Well, my husband or off work early–going to get the boys down for naps and clean a little bit of house really fast so it’s not so bad when he gets home.

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