Mommies Groups–


There are so many mommies groups on Facebook!! But, it seems like they all say the same thing–

This a drama free zone for mommies… Blah blah blah… Anyone who … Blah blah blah… Will be removed/deleted.

Yet–most of these places are started 1) by people who are usually dramatic 2) after there is drama in some other group 3) when people have their minds made up and discriminate against certain people.

Every week, if not every day, at least one group has some stupid drama in it!! It gets old. I tell myself maybe this week, maybe today will be different but, who am I kidding?! I should just remove myself from all of them.

It’s depressing and makes me too scared to want to meet us with anyone! My husband even asks if there is ever anything productive talked about because most of it is so dramatic or whatever you wanna call it.

It’s depressing!!

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