So busy!

1) Didn’t fight with my husband once yesterday!
2) Being able to look at our Christmas tree still, with all over our amazing ornaments!
3) Hot dogs and beans were amazing!! :))

BONUS: My mommy paid for us to go to Dave Ramsey’s financial get out of debt conference. It was AMAZING!! Love the book we have to read. And Ryan is even thinking about maybe teaching a class after we finish!! So exciting!!

1) Been up since 7 AM. And doug alright. Tired but, I am okay.
2) Ander fell back to sleep this morning so I had some time with Landon and to read before he started screaming.
3) I was 1 of 2 chosen out of 6 to be an admin in a mommies group.

BONUS: My husband will be home in less than 4 hours!! :)) Ander is almost asleep. Landon is totally content playing with himself when mommy needs a break.

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