Long Time–No See.

Well, it’s been a while my few readers. And my apologize for that but–life has gotten a bit crazy. πŸ™‚ Not baby crazy well, sometimes it was a bit bad crazzzzy but, it’s getting better. πŸ˜€

I have missed this place–it makes my Facebook pages more empty. It makes it easier for me to clean my mind and get stuff done in a day. This place is amazing! Even if I don’t know over half of my readers– πŸ˜€ But, that’s the fun of it! πŸ˜€ So— HELLO READERS!!

Let’s see… Still in online schooling. Got some actually decent classes. πŸ˜€ Struggling through every day. I am actually blogging instead of doing my homework right now but, that’s because I want to go to bed soon. And I have a bunch of stuff going around in my head. So, I figure it I blog about it then maybe I will sleep better.

Oh–update on my not so “get along with” sister, one of my other sisters (who she has more of a problem with) wrote her a letter and didn’t really “call her out” but, my oldest sister apologized… I didn’t respond and I don’t plan to for a while. I, personally, have a lot of healing to do and her knowing what’s going on in my heart and being vulnerable to her is not the most important to me right now. –I will say I am sorry she doesn’t want me around her kids but, I am not sorry that she doesn’t want her daughter to become a teenage mom. I was one, I want better for my niece–but, her saying she doesn’t want her daughter to be one… It cut me deep for a while. But, after she told me that she didn’t want me around her kids, I –I think I went numb to her. :-/

You see–I am a full time student, a stay-at-home working mom, wife, daughter, sister, etc. and working through how my sister feels is… Well, not exactly the most important thing to me.

What is important is the fact that my husband and I are taking Dave Ramsey classes to better our lives. I have started looking into couponing to save my family money and try and “do my part”–other than my working from home. πŸ˜€ And tomorrow… Sigh. Tomorrow my readers, we have our first “marriage counseling” session. Sure, we did some counseling after we got married at the Justice of Peace–court house. Didn’t start it up after we had our actual wedding though–things just got crazy busy. So, we are starting it up again.

I remember having one thing a week to do–and now I have so much to do in a week, some weeks I find it hard to find the time to do it all. But, I am determined to start being more productive. I am going to try and motivate myself. I want to be in bed at a decent time (after my little man falls asleep) and up a good couple of hours before my boys are– Going to be a challenge for a while. But, I am glad that I can treat myself to a peppermint mocha tomorrow morning. *Yawn!*

Well, I am exhausted and I want to start tomorrow out STRONGο»Ώ!! I’ll let you all know how to goes tomorrow. But, my goal is to be up before 8–get work, (hopefully) homework done, and/or some housework. But, that sounds like a lot to do as I run through it in my head–ha, definitely time to go to bed… almost put heart instead of head. πŸ™‚

Well, welcome back my wonderful readers! πŸ˜€

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