Up to NO Good!


Well, I am back to it–messing up and putting my foot in my mouth. Sigh… Why am I so terrible at this?

You see, almost every status I post, where it could be taken negatively, my husband seems to think it’s always about him. Sigh… As if my life doesn’t have other areas with ups and downs. :-/

Let’s just say last night was a bit of a rough night for me. I was super tired and had wwwaaayyy too much going on in my head as my last post stated. Well, I was almost ready to go to bed but, my husband beat me to it. So, I was left alone in the living room. I gathered up my stuff and baby and took him to the room. I went back to the bathroom and took my vitamins. While I was in the bathroom–Ander started fussing again. He had woken up when my husband had gone to the bathroom but, I figured he would go back to sleep so, I hadn’t worried about it. Well, I went back in and had to rock him to sleep. Sigh–by the time he fell asleep, my husband was sleeping also. He tends to snore at times. And last night was one of the more unbearable nights as I couldn’t fall asleep with it going on. I had been woken up early that morning so, I was already short on my temper and sleep. I really wanted to go sleep on the couch but, I didn’t. Didn’t even send my husband to the couch either. Well, this morning, was another early morning–bad sleep, early morning… No energy. It makes it rough! And I feel like pooh to top it all off. Then, I wake up to a bit of a–what I felt was–smart butt comment from my husband on my Facebook… I had posted– “…I am speechless! … Wow!” or something to that effect. And a couple friends asked what was wrong or what was going on. My husband commented with something about he was sure he had done something wrong, wasn’t sure what, but it must have been him. And it hurt me!! Not only had he not been texting me back when I told him that I loved and missed him but, he was saying things like that. :-/ He played WordFeud with me–a game we play together on our phones. So, I knew he got my messages but, he wouldn’t respond… Right now, I have–I am just hurt, shocked, and find it ironic because we start counseling with our pastor today. Sigh… And I have no energy or desire to bother with it any more. But, I guess that’s when you need it the most. Sigh…

Well, I need lunch and so does my oldest and the youngest is fussing so, time to run.

Wishing you all wonderfully days, readers!! Ta-ta for now!

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