Back into the Swing of Things

Well, my little readers, it’s been a while. Things here, in my little home, have gotten pretty busy and definitely changed. :))

I have gone back to work however, I will soon be done where I am and going back to work where my husband works now. I am excited for the change, especially now that we have new management, a new manager creating schedules, etc. I have come to realize the company I currently work for, the owners and people who work there, they just don’t have the right morals. I am not sure of the place I am going does either however, it’s a step up and in the right direction.

My husband and I got our house a lot cleaner this weekend so, it’s made life a little easier to handle. :)) I am currently looking for a bigger place for us, as we have outgrown our little place now and could definitely use some more room.

We have been going to a Dave Ramsey class, to help us with finances. And this last week, our babysitter wasn’t feeling well so, I ended up sitting outside the classroom listening and taking care of the boys. While I was out there, I came across an awesome group of artwork from prekindergarten students that gave me an idea of what to do with one of my little men. :)) I am going to come up with a schedule tonight and start putting it into effect for a couple weeks. Then, he’ll be at the babysitters’ for a couple weeks until I get my new schedule. :)) But, in the mean time it will be fun and give me some ideas of how to keep him busy and me entertained, etc. :))

Well, time to go entertain my littlest. :)) 3-4 months and growing. :))

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