Down the Hole

My apologize for starting this and getting super busy and being able to keep up on blogging. I really want to get into it like my sister has. Of course, people always remind me that my sisters can do x, y, and z because they don’t have kids. But, I am determined to make something in my life be fun and entertaining and find something that I actually like doing.

Right now, I am back working with my husband and hearing lots of crazy stories about some of my coworkers that sometimes shock me and make me shake my head in disbelief. I am also trying to get back into being motivated in school, I took a couple weeks off and did some major damage to my grades. *insert sad face here* I am also trying to get the most steps at work so I can earn a trip for my husband and I. I was doing great for a while but, some how–there’s a couple people that popped out of nowhere and are now beating me.

Well, I have to work tomorrow, got more school tomorrow, house to clean, etc. and right now, there’s a little boy on the couch next to me passed out and starting to wiggle restlessly so, I should go put him in his bed and hopefully he will sleep better.

Email me if you have ways to stay motivated or if you even feel like just sending a bit of encouragement my way. Thanks! 😀

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