Quest Continues

Well, I’ve been working hard on finding different places I can blog/advertise for. One place declined me as–“we suspected it is fake”–ha! Yes, I am fake! What amusement. The other side of this, is that I am not a big enough blog yet so, need to get bigger, some day. But, for now, we’ll stay just like this.

I did however find one place where you can get paid to take surveys, etc. Check it out!! Maybe it’ll work for you.

I know I am excited about I because it means I can work from home, spend more time with my munchkins, and be home with my husband more. Are feeling like that too? Do you have a great way to stay home? Message me your ideas, let’s get them out there and start promotion them. Or do you have a home business and need some promoting? Let me know, we’ll feature you as our business of the week. Trying to start growing readers, what are things you want to see. What is important to you?

Again, check them out–maybe you could get paid too!!

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