The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Went over to my mom’s house today! She moving away, at the end of the month, and although it’s haunting me a little bit, I am helping her sell different things and move away.

& well, I picked up some of the stuff that I get to keep. I got the hair clippers, because my husband mentioned last night that really wanted a haircut; cake decorating tips, for our son’s 3rd birthday party; candles, for a romantic night tonight. :))

I have more stuff there but, I am bring it over slowly. I am thinking nap time around my house is almost over. Thank goodness the little boy I babysit is going home soon.

On the other plus side, today wasn’t as bad as watching him yesterday, as I thought it would be. He seemed to do okay. I was able to spray his butt in the shower instead of trying to wipe it off so, that allowed me not to gag (yes, his mom said it was okay). She also gave me permission to try disciplining him and see if that changes his attitude. So, here’s hoping.

I can’t wait for my husband to get home this afternoon. I’ve miss him a lot! 3 day weekends make me enjoy time with him that much more especially, when I spend all the time with him and my family!

Need to do some cleaning and grocery shopping when he gets home. Too bad he has to run to the rental agency and drop off rental and then he has make a deposit at the bank. Sometimes
I wish we didn’t have to do all these ridiculous errands. Ugh!

Well, boys are awake! Time to get snacks, water, diapers changed, etc. Hope everyone had a good “Monday”.

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