A Greener Day


The image above is my spinach that is growing. This year is the first year I have been able to successfully grow vegetables.

Well, today was eventful. The boy I watch threw things at my son, threw a token at a window (I honestly thought it was going to break), soaked through his pants during nap time, & was a bit harder to get down for a nap today.

However, it gets getting easier to deal with him. He wouldn’t eat lunch today so, we tried water to keep him going.

My son’s birthday is in a week and a half and I still need to clean house, make some decorations, and wrap a few more presents. I never thought I would still have so much to do.

On too of that, we have a garage sale we are doing this weekend (my mother & I). Thank goodness for the website or I would be lost when it comes to pricing everything to get it sold. Not sure we’ll sell everything, probably mostly only what my mom has to sell but, if I can sell any of the stuff I have, I would be beyond thrilled!! :))

Well, hubby is gonna be home soon. I really need to get cleaning, etc. before work tonight. I think the craft a day will be launched in October, if I can get things organized this next week. Keep you updated.

Thanks again my lovely readers! I appreciate you all.

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