And the 2nd job begins

BeFunky_JPEG Image (69180).jpgWell, all three of our boys are sound asleep so, it was time to start in on my other job. Editing pictures, trying to figure out finances, responding to a few messages about photo shoots & prices, looking at investing in a new camera, looking into buying a domain for this blog, etc. When you are trying to start a photography business & get it promoted so that you can start bringing in revenue, it’s not as easy at you would think–or at least I thought. But, it’s going to be worth it. I’ve had three people inquire about photo shoots & prices since I’ve started. It’s definitely a stepping stone in the right direction. But, who knew that there were so many choices that had to be made.

BeFunky_JPEG Image (70134).jpg

Pictures are edited. Looking at pros & cons of buying a camera instead of just a charger. Praying that I can get some shoots lined up soon. But, even if I don’t, I have a wedding that I get to attend this weekend & two shoots that will be following next week! I can’t wait. They are free shoots but, it’s going to be experience & that’s what counts. Just wish that it would fast forward a bit. But, I wouldn’t be doing the hard work & I would miss out on all the good things that would happen with my kiddos so, this is when I put the good, ol’ phrase into practice & remind myself that, “Patience is a virtue.”

Just going to keep working on photography & blogging & talking it a day at a time & it’ll all work out.

BeFunky_JPEG Image (69869).jpg


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