Bye-Bye Stretch Marks

With our move coming up, I was looking at some of the beauty products that we had in the basket that I have sitting on the top of the counter, in our bathroom. & one of them was Avon Refine Stretch Mark Smoother. I began using it shortly after I had Z. I don’t really care about my stretch marks, I just didn’t want to have to move it with us & didn’t want to waste a product by throwing it away so, I gave it a try. Well, it works really well! I am amazed by the what the cream did to my stretch marks & can’t wait to get more for the stretch marks on my legs, chest, etc. But, for now, I am trying one of the home remedies that a friend found. I am going to by trying Aloe Vera Gel first but, I won’t be washing it off. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give the Castor Oil a try, since we have some leftover. But, if those don’t work, I’ll be buying more of the Avon Refine Stretch Mark Smoother after I run out of the other two.

What products work for you on stretch marks? Do you have any favorite home remedies?

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