Color me “Stained”

Well, with all the downsizing we are doing, there’s bound to be one or two things with a stain, right? Right! Sadly, it happens to be a mattress that we’re trying to get rid of. So, I am not trying to guess at what the stains might be, other than the one obvious stain where L decided to color on the mattress with markers–which I remember. So, now, I get to try to use Bissell upholstery¬†cleaner or my Oxi-clean gel stick & get the stains out of the mattress. Ridiculous but, really hoping that it’ll sell, either way. I just want the mattress & the frame GONE!

The Bissell upholstery cleaner is on the mattress & currently soaking in. Praying that it’ll take the stains out. Ha! Tempted to just tie it to the top of our car & go through a car wash, like you see on the Febreeze commercial but, I don’t think I am that desperate. But, this is my job for the afternoon, as our play date got cancelled & I am not sure that I really feel like running out again, until I need to go get my husband from work.

Thankfully! Today is my husband’s Friday & we have a 3 day weekend. We get to file the parenting plan & adoption papers, go in for the colposcopy, run by a couple pawn shops and look at their cameras, & whatever other errands pop up. Hoping that I can find a good camera too. Otherwise, I’ll be investing a little bit of money & buying the camera below.

Lots to get finished & I still need to finish eating lunch. Oye!

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