My head is a bit of a Merry-Go-Round this morning as there’s lots to do & I am trying hard to keep it all straight.

With the downsizing going on right now, there are a lot of things to sell/get rid of & so I’ve been posting things on the Facebook Yard Sale groups in my area & trying to get things all lined up to get them out of here ASAP. I have formula/coupons, an elliptical, two dressers, & a broken crib (for a project) leaving the house–hopefully, this week. & if I am luckily enough, it’ll all happen before this weekend & I can buy my new camera that I’ve been looking at. It would be awesome because the camera I want is actually cheaper than the money we would bring it from everything but, we’ll have to see. First things first–diapers, bills, etc.

This afternoon, I need to get our boys dressed, take my husband back to work, come home & clean house & get the boys down for naps, & then I will need to drop some plastic bags off at a lady’s house on our way to have a play date, if all goes well. We’ll leave the play date shortly before 5 PM & pick my husband up from work–we’ll come home & possibly have someone coming by to get the elliptical this evening. Then, it’ll be time to make dinner, tidy up the house, & get the boys ready for bed. Next, it’ll be time to get our youngest to sleep, do some dishes, put away food, & then shower & get myself ready for bed.

I have to say, I am very glad that today is my rest day from workouts, as I don’t think I have the time/energy to do it.

Well, got some hiccups–GR!!!–& need to get started on the list soon & be available when the lady stops by to get the formula & checks so, here it goes.

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