Making Dinner w/the Company of 4

Well, making dinner was a bit of a challenge tonight–I had to get started & Z woke up so, I went out to get the bouncer out of the garage & set it up. I got it out, got inside, set it all up, turned around to make sure it was all okay–where is the seat?! Well, I just wasted 10 minutes of Z being upset with me for nothing, joy. So, went into our bedroom picked him up, because he had finished eating already so, I put him in the bassinet & proceeded to rock him to sleep. Finally got him to sleep during the last post & went to get started on dinner & cleaning the house. Got the chicken in the oven, almost finished dishes & Z wakes up–turns out one of the little minions had turned the wireless on the laptop off so, the music that had been playing on the laptop, underneath his bassinet, it had stopped and my cleaning & my cleaning and making noise had woken him up… Well, ended up waiting until R got home & threw together the broccoli & cheese rice & the roasted garlic mashed potatoes while the chicken finished up (cooked it in Mesquite Liquid Smoke & covered mine with garlic & herb seasoning–R topped his with Buffalo Sauce).

What do you do when your husband is watching 1980’s Mario cartoons, Z is relaxing in the bassinet while I rock him, L is watching them with R, & A is eating rice for dinner–So, I proceeded to look at the Freshly Pressed articles, hope I would find something interesting. To my surprise, I found not one but, two amazing articles–that completely made my night. One involved a situation that a lady & her husband went through & the other was a series of pictures that, I believe, any parent could enjoy. After looking at the pictures, I was reminded how we got fast food (Frugal’s) this weekend & A & I were eating outside on the steps. Well, two spiders came by, within 5 minutes, & I squished them both–it was not the most appetizing thing. One of them was up on the top of the steps, the little platform before we got inside & that’s where A was sitting. He had been using my dipping sauce for his fries & then he goes & tried to dip his new fry in the spider guts! I caught him in time, before he got it in his mouth or even close to it but, I was almost sick–I am okay if they do it & I don’t know or I catch them after the fact but, if I can keep them from doing it, I’ll do what I can.

What’s the grossest thing your kiddos have eaten? Or that you’ve seen someone else’s child has eaten?

2 thoughts on “Making Dinner w/the Company of 4

  1. it isn’t what a kiddie has eaten but it is gross and it is related to kids! In a doctors surgery with my mum as a child a man sat with his toddler. The toddler was very unhappy, obviously poorly and out of sorts. The man lifted him to give him a kiss and tell him it was ok. Well the poor mite was face to face with daddy when “bleurgh!”. Vomit all over daddy’s face. The waiting room sat in horrified and awkward silence bar for a couple of mums rummaging for wet wipes to pass to the poor man who decided it was up to him to break the silence… he LICKED HIS LIPS and remarked that actually his child’s vomit wasn’t that bad! Thosenof us who hadn’t felt sick before certainly felt sick now! I must have only been about four but the memory of it has stayed with me for obvious reasons! Xxxx

    1. My sister did something similar to my dad–except it was in the comfort of our own home & in his mouth.

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