Name Change

As you may have noticed, if you have been following this blog since I started it, you may notice some changes going on–the appearance, the name, the tagline. It’s all because I am tried to find who I am and what I want to write about. My life will be included–my marriage, my boys, my friends, my family, etc. But, trying to find your “blog skin” as so wonderfully explained by another writer, it takes time. It takes time to feel comfortable writing about your very soul. So, here’s to the first steps–trying to find the right name, the right look, the right tagline–it’s all a huge process but, I want to write to others, I want to share with others. Being a stay-at-home-mom with 3 wonderful boys & married to an amazing husband beings a lot into my life but, I don’t have a very popular social life right now and there’s not really anyone to share it with so, you wonderful people who have chosen to follow my blog are going to be the recipients. Whether it be the good or the bad news, about our boys or my friends, etc. It’s all going to be out there in the open to be share–unless it is something that my children, husband, or friends do not feel like having broadcasted–as I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but, I do wish to share what I can & become the writer I always wanted to be. So, I apologize to those who are not happy with the changes & I thank you for baring with me for this long–to those who choose to stick around, I will apologize now for the confusion that is going on in my brain & trying to come out to this blog but, some day–some day soon, I will get it all the way it’s supposed to be & get comfortable in my blog skin & be able to share what I want/need to and it will all work out. So, here’s to the first steps…

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