Quiet Time

Thank you-- http://innerchildfun.com/
Thank you– Inner Child Fun

Back to home sweet home! Hurray! I got a pizza made for R but, he decided that he wanted leftovers from last night so, he heated those up & off we went, back to work for him–yuck! But, we are back home, the older two are in their bedroom–& it actually sounds fairly quiet. Z is chilling in the bassinet as I try to get him back to sleep because I had to wake up him for us to leave. Poor little man. But, he looks like he’s content, off to sleep he is slowly drifting. While I try to start awake–as I was getting the pizza in the oven, I got a phone call about a possible job where we are moving to so, now I have to read the email about it, see if it’s a good fit for me, or what we are going to do next. But, for now–get to get Z to sleep, eat lunch, look at the email & either message or call her back. But, for the moment, I get to drift into la-la land while I put Z to sleep & listen to Songza. I have definitely been enjoying the music & Z seems to sleep really well with the Soft Pop hits on, so no complaints from me.

My quiet time today is also enjoyed by knowing that I know a secret of a new friend. As a younger mom of many kiddos, I can always use advice so, I have joined several groups on Facebook & I quiet enjoy them. In the last few months, I have made some of my best friends in one of the groups. I can’t wait until I get to met them in person but, I supposed it’s like BecomingCliche posted about…

So many feelings! Would she like me? Would we find lots to talk about? Would she murder me with chopsticks and stuff me in the trunk of her car? Like being in high school all over again.

It really is like high school any time that you meet someone new–I love to make new friends but, there’s always the worry of making a good first impression–like you want to when you have an interview. Well, guess it’s just a matter of getting that first meeting out of the way.

My older sister who used to blog would tell my family about different meetings or activities that her & her blogging buddies would do. It was an amazing experience to read about. & I suppose it is like that for me–with planning different activities with the mommies of my mommies groups. It’s an exciting experience but, it also gives you that high school experience again–always wondering what is going to happen. Will you be cool enough? Will you come off to strong? Will you say too much or too little? First impressions are hard–but, once they are out of the way, it’s easier to just be you.

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