My apologies to you lovely readers–

I have been trying to consolidate all the different blogs I’ve had over the years & I finally found an article on how to do just that, well, little did I know that one of my articles from another blog featured a picture that WordPress did not allow, therefore, I got deactivated & it took a good 12 hours to get a response. I was definitely not a happy camper to have been deactivated without a reason why however, once they gave me a reason this morning, I could understand their reasoning, although it was a picture from a website going against what the website was so, I was using it in a completely different context. Oh well, it’s all fixed & we’re back up & running.

Sadly, now that the blog is finally active again, it’s time to get me some breakfast, the older to minions some lunch, Z to sleep, & the house tidied up & everyone dressed as R is going to be home for me to take him back to work because we have to go back into the doc (OB) & I have to get the ParaGuard in & possibly have another colposcopy because my biospy was normal & my PAP smear was abnormal–3 abnormal PAP smears in less than a year & a half & 3 colposcopies in a year–or has it been less than a year. I am not quite sure honestly, I have lost track of everything they have wanted to do.

126editedThe weather has managed to cool down the last couple of days–started cooling down Saturday & of course, Sunday was the day that I managed to get the pool out & setup for the boys so, now they have a pool setup & full of some water but, it’s too cold to play in. It’s one of those “wash your car & it rains the next day” kind of things. Guess I’ll just have to learn to start doing things at the spur of the moment instead of waiting so long.

Definitely a day for a nap–I meant to get one yesterday but, I got so wrapped up in little Z & trying to get stuff downsized & cleaned up. Today, I shall clean while the boys eat & then I shall nap while the boys nap–speaking of naps, I think Ander is going to need an extra long one today. Sadly, he’ll have an extra short one because I have to be to the doctor’s before his nap is usually over.

Have you ever posted anything that you got “deactivated” for? What are your plans for today? Ever need a little nap? Have you ever gotten distracted or so wrapped up in something that you forgot to do something else?

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