Re: Lazy Day


Today was a good day. It was nice to have a nice relaxing day. Z slept most of the day but, was awake long enough to let me do a little mini photoshoot–while A slept. Got some pretty cute pictures of him in his “Daddy’s Rockstar” outfit. It was fun. Washed some dishes, ate a couple chocolates, watched a couple episodes of Law & Order, snapped some pictures of Landon & Ander while Z chilled inside a bit. R got home & we got the boys dinner, bathed, & in bed. Also got some chicken, potatoes, & rice made for him for dinner & lunch tomorrow. I ate BLT’s because the chicken hasn’t been appetizing since Z came. Ugh…

dscn9929Just waiting for Z to call asleep so I can drive up to where I am going to possibly be doing a photoshoot on Sunday. I am super excited! It’s one of the contestants that won a 45 minute session from our Mommy & Me session. Super excited! Got the other one scheduled for Saturday. I can’t wait to get the pictures taken! Ah! So exciting! Well, Z has finally fallen asleep while I was typing this up so quick run out to take pictures of the location & then back home! Hope y’all have a good evening!


What do y’all have planned for this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Re: Lazy Day

  1. Hopefully a whole lot of nothing 😉

    Maybe a beach trip with the hubs and kids. But I might be too exhausted for that so plenty of naps would be great lol

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