Sick & Sicklings…

Accidental picture up at the “Trash Your Dress” Photoshoot–love the timing of it.

Well, we’re all sick now… Definitely going to make moving that much more interesting.  If A gets worse, it’s back to the doctor for him because it means he has ear infections. Of course, me being the first that got it–and no insurance at the moment & breastfeeding–I just have to pray I don’t have ear infections.  Ugh…

Well, so far, the hardest part of this move is that–

  1. There are (at least) a dozen flies in the house and they keep landing places and pissing me off–ALOT! & I keep forgetting to buy a fly swatter.
  2. I can’t cancel half the stuff because I am no longer the “account holder” because we had to put it in my husband’s name to get a better deal.
  3. Calling all these places–when I barely have a voice, is almost impossible.

Well, time to quit complaining & get too it. I got a stack full of laundry I need to fold & put away & start getting the boxes I have here filled while the boys are entertained. Plus, I have a few other things that I should be doing.

Including the Bzzagent campaign for Free Friday Download–get a FREE item from our local Kroger grocery store! Love it—just have to hope they have another chain where we are moving.

Every Friday, I have the opportunity to sign on & download a coupon for a FREE item! Such as Colgate toothpaste, Cheetos snacks, or a NoS Energy drink this Friday. Then, all I have to do is go into my store, find the correct item, take it & whatever other goodies I have up to the register, scan the items, enter our phone number or scan our card, & watch as the coupon comes off. It’s a beautiful site! However, the best part is, that I have up to TWO–that’s right–TWO WEEKS to use the coupon! So, if I am sick, like we are this week, I can go in next week & use the coupon to get my FREE product! 😀

I already loved Kroger–but, I love my Smith’s store even more with the e-coupons that I can download. It actually makes me wish I had a smartphone again (can’t wait to get a phone after we move) so that I could download it when I forget it up & I could see all the items that I have ecoupons for. Although, for people like me, without a cell phone, it’s easy to log in online, & print the list off (when we actually have ink). 😉 I love Bzzagent Campaigns–& this is my second one! 😀 I can’t wait to finish this one out & get a new one. Getting FREE stuff just for trying something out & giving my opinion, is AWESOME!!!

4 thoughts on “Sick & Sicklings…

    1. I am thinking about that. We used to play a game using the newspapers rolled up so, maybe I’ll send my husband around the house with a rolled up newspaper. 🙂

      Thanks. Starting to get better. Just have to keep resting and working hard at the same time.

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