Quick Trip

Well, again–I run out for something & get distracted & have to look for some close-out items. But, it paid off! 🙂 Some days, I hate wanting to be so frugal but, when I actually am, love it & I am so proud of myself. After I got home, I lined everything up in front of the tv so I could take a picture. Right before I took pictures, Ryan comes out of the bathroom & just looks at it & me & smiles.  I love that he’ll put up with my craziness!

But, here is what I got—

3 Transactions. Total of 29 items! NOT pictured gallon of milk–$2.99
Spent $19.87
EBT $14.00
Saved $25.00 w/coupons (digital & paper)

Doesn’t include how much saved with close-outs. Only thing that wasn’t a close-out was the feminine products. 

6 Found Bush’s Baked Beans on manager special for $1.09.
5 Dial Body Wash $1.49 (green bottle). (paired with $2/2)
1 Dial Speed Foam Body Wash ($2.56). (paired with $2/2
4 Gillette Body Wash for $2.75. (paired with $.50/1)
5 Febreze candles $1.64. (paired with $1/1)
3 Crystal Lights $1.49. (got a $1.50 cat back)
4 Tampax $3.70. (paired with $2.00/1)

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009Another happy day of shopping. Can’t wait to move & spend my time getting paid for what I love!!


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