Relationship or…

A dear friend put this on Facebook the other day–

I believe and it’s from personal experience that If you wanna make your relationship/marriage work leave your fights and negative comments of your other off social media. What you guys are going through should be between you guys. And if you need to vent call a best friend. Because words are something you can’t take back specially to 100 people. With that said I love my husband and I couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else.

And it got me thinking–at first, I felt like she was bashing me because I had told her how I had put something on Facebook & some stuff had blown up because of my husband mentioning it to some buddies & then he shared their responses with me but, in all honesty–it got me to thinking. I mean, I keep telling myself & so does my family & everyone else around me–hold on until we get moved, things will get better when we get moved… But, my question is, will they really. I mean, you can have better if you don’t work for it. Nothing is going to change without hard work. You have to get your ass off the couch and do something about it so, well… Sigh. I guess this is going to be getting my ass off the couch and doing something about it… Sigh. Ugh!

But, in the mean time, I want to leave you with just a few of my favorite Relationship Rules.

Definitely going to have to do this one tonight–cause things are kind of at a stand still.

Another that we’re going to need to work on–need to start having regular date nights.

I’ll address them more later but, little Z is grumpy & daddy is too busy watching football & playing on the computer to take care of him so, time for mommy to quit writing… Ugh! Oh well, more mommy & Z time. 😀

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