Look Back to the Past

So, after doing dishes tonight–where it was my turn to stew a bit about ridiculous things & blow things out of proportion (<<what a weird looking word) in my head, I got on Facebook & after just a few minutes, I was in a better mood while talking about the move with some people & reading some other people’s comments. Well, I got to thinking about how much better Facebook has been for me since I’ve removed all the negativity. I love it! I can actually get on Facebook now & know that I am going to see things that I love! 🙂 And people who give a flying pickle about me. Yes, yes I did just say flying pickle! But, I am proud to say, that I feel like I have grown up just a little bit.

Little A last year–on this very exact day. 😀

This time last year…

    • My kiddos had discovered Jake & the Neverland Pirates
    • I was babysitting & making snow cones at home
    • We had bees at our house (which we have here too–UGH!)
    • My hubby made dinner (which he did tonight too–picked up Papa Murphy’s pizza)
    • L started eating more
    • L started responding to tv shows
  • I was working at a job I HATED
  • At which I was offered drugs when their turn about smacked me in the face & broke my glasses but, they wouldn’t pay for them
  • And my hubby thought I was too good for. 😀

  • Ander got his first tooth
  • My mom’s house was used in a scam on Craigslist
  • I was learning how to coupon
  • First year I played Fantasy Football
Landon around this time last year!
Ander around this time last year!
  • Talking to my best friend about wedding troubles
  • And we were all sick… :S Lame!

Definitely interesting to see how much life has changed since then. 🙂 Mostly all for the better. 😀

One thought on “Look Back to the Past

  1. Aww! Cute pics! Love the idea of going through old archives on a day. Maybe I’ll do that today since I have nothing neat to say haha

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