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For the Boys

I started watching another little boy this last Monday but, of course, everything is in storage so, been thinking about stuff I could make–especially since we’re pretty limited on what we can spend & our son has a birthday coming up. But, thank goodness for Pinterest!

I have found a “quiet book” that a lady created for Sunday mornings to keep her son just that–quiet. Another “quiet book“–at the end of this one, there are several more links for other books. A unique “scrapbook” idea. A VERY cool active book. An “I-Spy” book–I love the idea but, I think I would do it quite differently. An AMAZING color book! Such a HUGE fan of this one! It has textures & colors. I just wish it was a little more texture but, so cool! A super cool shape book that I think the older three boys could enjoy. There were several emotion books or “What are you feeling?” books but, I think it’s might be a little early for that. An alphabet match book–I would make one, not pay for one, personally. A paint chip coloring book. A dinosaur book. A kiddo’s very own photobook. A learning book that could be used for any kind of animal, really. Another shape “book”–although I like that first one ALOT better. A 3-D number chart. An “ALL ABOUT ME” book. Another all about me but, with an alphabet twist to it.

Just a few of the books that I found but, naptime for the boys/lunchtime for mommy is being disrupted by 2 little men so, have to go fix all of that.

P.S. Am I the only parent out there who finds it a little disturbing that they call them “quiet books”?


I am a open book blogger who loves to share everything in opens of helping someone else. I enjoy discovering the joys of being a parent to a few crazy boys & a wife to their amazing father. My hobbies include photography, exercising, play-dates, & cooking. In August of 2013, we moved to another state where we have given our family a fresh start. It is the beginning of a new adventure that has inspired me to being homeschooling our boys. Follow my blog daily to get your dose of crazy stories, child's humor, & eye-opening adventures!

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