Fraud from Home

We all want that awesome career that we can do from home for 30 minutes a day & make bank. (& trust me I’ll be the first to tell you if I ever find one…) but, in the mean time, there are so many people getting scammed, left & right. It’s ridiculous!

Not only are there scams out there for houses for sale but, we now have to watch what kind of work people want us to do–you can end up laundering money (unintentionally) or getting ripped off. It’s all here. & disgusting! What is this world coming to?!

I remember working at a call center for a LARGE bank & I would get at least one phone call a WEEK about someone getting ripped off–not just elderly people but, younger people too. So, read the article, PLEASE! & be on the look out! It’s out there & waiting for you. So, be educated before it happens to you.

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