Massage My Dream Away

Since I’ve been younger & my older sister rocked at giving massages, I’ve always wanted to be a massage therapist. I almost went to school when my oldest was 6 months old (to get the idea of how long ago that was, he’ll be 4 this weekend). However, it didn’t work out quite right & I didn’t have the “whatever it is” (cause women definitely don’t have balls–so, do we call it we don’t have the “vag” to do something?) to let my mom pay that much money for me to go to school for massage therapy but, after reading this blog–it makes me realize that I would never do this to people. Nor would I ever get a massage from someone who blogs about their client’s online–talk about rude much.

See, I ran across this article this morning (here) & after reading just part of it, seeing were it says that women have cellulite & it’s sexy… It kind of creepy-ed me out! I appreciate that he can see the beauty in everyone but, I wouldn’t like to know that he could imagine what I look like naked or that my random “dimples” in my legs are sexy… & personally, not everyone has cellulite. There are products to take it away or people are just naturally cellulite-less because of genetics. But, to know that I would be laying on a table for this guy… EEk! Not only is he (more than likely) my sperm donor’s age but, just eekk… :S I appreciate parts but, it’s also disgusting to me.


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