The Place I Once Called Home



It’s kind of sickening knowing that this is what the town that I grew up near/in is turning into. This is where we left, just a few weeks ago, to bring out kiddos to the “big city” so that we could be closer to family & my husband could have better opportunities.

It’s sickening that something like this (details can be found here) could actually happen. & it’s said that people are now hounding the lady who did my wedding pictures–and their pictures as well–because they want them. But, I give her major props because she isn’t taking the money or anything. She could have her pictures featured in the news, etc. but, she is too much of an amazing woman to do so!

ATTENTION ALL NEWS STATIONS, I have had multiple calls today from CNN Headline News and Good Morning America along with others wanting the wedding photos of Jordan and Cody and or time on camera. I am not aware of the legalities involved with this but I do believe that it is not my decision. There are families that are hurting through this tragedy and I will do nothing (no matter how much money is offered) to intensify that hurt. If the families decide they want the photos released, they have the disc and they can do that on their own. I know that it is your job to have some visuals of the couple to increase the drama to the story and I can’t lie, it would be awesome seeing my photos on GMA or CNN Headline news but I am not willing to help with that. However, what I would love is to stay out of the whole ordeal! Thanks.

It takes an amazing person to be able to do something like that!

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